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The Department of Synthesis and National Accounts has been developing research projects associated with economic measurement that complement the information normally presented. Given the importance of some of these studies and their contribution to macroeconomic research, they have been made available to the public


GDP of the illicit crops enclave – agricultural and industrial stages. BASE 2005 (2015pr)


Methodology for Enclave: Illicit crops. Agricultural and industrial stages, Base 2005 (Series 2000-2010Pr)


Information 2015 preliminar

Technical Bulletin
Supply and Use Matrix
Componentes of Supply and Use

 Updated January-2017



Historic information
Period Document Document Anexxes Anexxes
2014 preliminar Technical Bulletin Presentation Supply and Use Matrix Components of Supply and Use




Labor Matrix 2016-2017p - Base 2015


Information 2017p


Updated Jiune 14-2018


The labor matrix aims to provide information with respect to labor factor in the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). It gives economic coherence regarding the variables of production, value added, compensation of employees and mixed income from national accounts. It also allows sizing unobserved economic activities in cases when hardly any statistical and / or accounting data is available. In the 2005 base year of national accounts, employment matrix allowed to adjust production thus achieving the consistency between employment and added value. For the years 2010, 2011 and 2012, a special emphasis was made on generating disaggregated indicators between women and men. Matrices of employment and macroeconomic indicators allow to highlight the technical and economic relations of production activities.

Updated August-31-2016




Methodological Notecit crops




Base 2005 Historic Information
Period Document Document Document Anexxes
Methodological document for Labor matrix
2015p Technical Bulletin ---- Presentation Labor Matrix 2010 - 2015 p
2014 Technical Bulletin ---- Presentation Labor Matrix 2010 - 2014p
2013 Technical Bulletin Press Release Presentation Labor Matrix 2010 - 2013p
2005 Labor Matrix - 2005





Disaggregated national and imported goods 2013 def y 2014 prov


Information 2013 def - 2014 prov

Technical Bulletin
 Matrix of national and imported goods year 2013 - Provisional


With the information contained in this matrix, users are able to analyze the composition of domestic demand by source (domestic and imported) and also build input-output matrices( Leontief type) which are derived from domestic production multipliers , used as an instrument of economic projection.

Updated September-23-2016




Historic Information
Documento Document Document Anexxes
2013p Technical Bulletin Press Release Presentation Matrix of national and imported goods



National accounts retropolation, series 1975-2014 pro (Base 2005)


Information 2015 pro

 General results Base 2005 (Serie 1975 - 2015 pro)
Documento metodológico y resultados de la retropolación 1975 – 2005 - Base 2005

The changes in base year break methodological and statistical continuity, altering the size of the macroeconomic aggregates by not allowing comparability between sets obtained from different bases. As a result, it is necessary to rework the results of previous bases, introducing changes in the new database, using statistical techniques of backward projection of series, to facilitate historical comparability of macroeconomic aggregates that allow unify their analysis and conceptual and statistical content.



Social accountability MATRIX (SAM) and input-output MATRIX (Base 2005)


Information 2005-2010

Technical Bulletin
Press Release


A SAM is a matrix presentation of economic meso and macro data. It provides a description of the economic system of a country that allows the analysis of the structural aspects of the economy, the distribution of income and expense for the institutional sectors, with special disaggregation of the household sector. For the preparation of Social Accounting Matrix, the input-output matrix was developed. This matrix is an analytical tool derived from the 2005 Product Use and Supply Table (COU), which aims to broaden the horizon of analytical information produced by national accounts, presenting the information on production and its economic uses in one table.



Technical Bulletin

Social Accountability Matrix

Matrix input product by product

Matrix input product by activities

Methodology for Social Accountability Matrix

Methodology of the matrix input product








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