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 The departmental GDP measures the productive activity of different departments of the country. Moreover, it defines the behavior, development and economic structure for analysis and regional decision-making. The Departmental National Accounts denominated "centralized" are developed in total coherence with the national aggregates, and they allocate the total and sectoral GDP regionally, by using statistical indicators related to production activities.


Departmental GDP results  2015 provisional (Base 2005)

 Bulletin 2015 provisional

 Presentation 2015 provisional

GDP: total and per capita / 2015 provisional

GDP per department/ 2015 provisional

GDP by branch of activity/ 2015 provisional

GDP per region / 2015 provisional


Update March-09-2017






Indicador de importancia económica municipal



Metodología para Calcular el Indicador de Importancia Económica Municipal Cuentas Departamentales
Vigente 2015







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