Estadísticas por Tema: Precios y Costos

Cigarets and tobaco

Consumer Price Index IPC

Producer Price Index IPP

Property Tax Index IVP

Heavy Construction Cost Index - ICCP

New Housing Price Index- IPVN

Housing Construction Price Index ICCV

New Construction Price Index- IPEN

Private Higher Education Cost Index ICES

Price Index for Freight Transport by Road (ICTC)

Election Campaign Cost Index

Price Information System (SIPSA)



The statistics of prices and costs analyze monthly and / or quarterly (depending on the indicator) variations of a basket of goods and services, both in households and different sectors of the economy. This sections examines the behavior of the basket of goods as well as sectors such as transport, education, construction and companies. Series, rates and variations of 10 different indices are available in this section, as well as dynamic query systems and methodologies.

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