Estadísticas por Tema: Construcción

Housing Mortgage Portfolio (CHV)

Building Survey (CEED)

Statistics on Grey Cement (ECG)

Ready-mix concrete statistics

Construction Licenses (ELIC)

Housing Finance (FIVI)

Property Tax Index - IVP

Civil Work Investement Indicators- IIOC

Economic Indicators about Construction- IEAC

Cost Index of House Building- ICCV

Heavy Construction Cost Index - ICCP

New Housing Price Index- IPVN

New Construction Price Index- IPEN

Index of Civil Works’ Physical Progress - AFOC

Vis and Non-vis Housing



These indicators provide insight into the behavior and evolution of the construction sector in the country, identify potential building activity, and quantify the total area approved for construction and the resources allocated to it. Additionally, they determine the evolution of investment in civil works and changes in prices for construction of housing, roads and bridges. There is a query system available for some of the earlier investigations and publications.



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