Standardizing Metadata

It is a set of clear guidelines on how to carry out the documentation process that describes the conceptualization, quality, generation, calculation and characteristics of statistical data. The objective is to strengthen the process of generating, documenting and exchanging statistical information that would permit national and international comparability. To develop and manage metadata, the NSS uses the Accelerated Data Program (ADP). Standardizing metadata according to the international statistical standard allows to update the metadata-based system with the documentation on statistical operations related to censuses, surveys and use of administrative records of both DANE and other major production entities of the National Statistical System (NSS).

A Guide to Metadata development and management


The Guide to metadata development and management through the Microdata Management Tool provided under the initiative of the Accelerated Data Program (ADP) is available on the following link:

Access to anonimized microdata - Household Survey

  • The National Administrative Department of Statistics (DANE) offers its users the anonymized microdata from household surveys.

  • By Resolution 1503 of 2011, DANE prescribes technical, administrative and legal measures to ensure the security of data, files and / or databases containing information on individuals and companies order.

  • Encourage the use of an international statistical standard for documenting statistical operations in the National Statistical System.



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