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 Historical Series of Exports by country 1970 – 2020

Statistical annexes 2020 Colombia, total exports, according to CIIU Rev.4. 1995 - 2020p

Colombia, exports destination 1994 - 2020

Colombia, exports of coffee, coal, petroleum and its derivatives, ferronickel and nontraditional. 1992- 2020

Colombia, exports by tariff chapters. 2008p - 2020p

Colombia, main export destinations 2008 – 2020p

Colombia, total exports, according to the SITC Rev.3. 2006 - 2020p

Colombia, exports tables, according to the SITC Rev.3 (sections and chapters) 2006 - 2020p





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Historic Information Exports
This research is a result of joint efforts with DIAN. It presents data on export of goods, including the variables such as country of destination of exports, the exports’ department of origin and source, currency of trade, transportation mode, flag, tariff subheading, gross kilos, net kilos and FOB value in  US dollars. It is published monthly.



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Special Reports


United States - Venezuela - Ecuador 2008-2012 (May)

Colombia - Venezuela - Ecuador 2009-2010 (april)

Colombia - Venezuela - Ecuador 2004-2008 (april

Colombia - Venezuela - Ecuador 2004-2008 (december)

Colombia - Venezuela - Ecuador 2004-2007 (december)





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