Standardizing and harmonizing concepts


Standardization and harmonization of concepts focuses on continuous production and definition of unified concepts, according to the terms used in the operations research and statistics produced by DANE and the NSS entities, in order to ensure comparability and integration of information at national and international levels. This provides the necessary elements for the construction of conceptual frameworks, fundamental statistical integration and harmonization.

The standardization and harmonization processes also favor transparency, trust and credibility in the technical quality of the institution. They permit better understanding, comprehension and use of statistical information produced in the context of the principles of consistency, comparability and quality of statistics, established within the NSS.

Harmonized concepts query system

Here you can find the main concepts of statistical operations developed by DANE, with the corresponding definitions and the reference frameworks for their use. The consolidation of this query system enhances uniformity, harmonization and comparability of statistical research and production within the entity.


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