General aspects


Set of technical and methodological criteria and rules applicable to the processes, procedures, methods and techniques that are used to design, collect, process, analyze, update, organize, integrate, compile, disseminate and preserve statistics. The implementation of these criteria and rules enhances harmonization, comparison, aggregability, quality and integration of official statistics in the country, within the framework of the Fundamental Principles of United Nation’s Official (UN).

The statistical standards that can be applied to statistical activities can be grouped into the following categories: nomenclatures and classifications, concepts, metadata, methodological documentation, among others.


  • Enhance the processes and methods used in the production of official statistics
  • Strengthen the comparability, quality, credibility and integrity of the statistics that are produced by entities NSS .
  • Contribute to the implementation of good practices and fundamental principles of official statistics.


   Statistical Regulations within the National Statistical System (NSS)

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