Estadísticas por tema: Gobierno

Political Culture

Survey of the National Institutions environment and performance (EDI)

Survey of Departmental Institutions environment and performance (EDID)

Quality Survey of Governmental Management for enterprise development (ECDE)

Survey of Quality Management System and Documents Processing Rationalization

Election Campaign Cost Index



The research in this section aim to investigate issues related to the work of the State. There are four surveys in this section divided into two main group. The first group consists of investigations that gather information from within institutions, departments and Capital District about the perceptions public officials have on the environment and institutional performance, as well as their knowledge, experience and assessment of the implementation of Quality Management System in entities where they serve. The second group investigates the perceptions of business leaders on issues related to the integrity of the state and some public authorities in Colombia, respect for property rights and freedom of concluding contracts, among others.

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