Strategy EFET


The Strategy for Territorial Statistical Strengthening (EFET) is an initiative designed to promote technical ability of the public entities, through actions that permit to articulate efforts, empower the actors and enhance participation in production and dissemination of statistical strategies. Its methodology is based on awareness raising, disclosure and training in management and strengthening of statistical activity, and use of the entity’s  statistical information.  


   For Territorial Statistical Strengthening (TSS)

   Fort the strengthening of Administrative Records s


These documents were created as a source of information and guide for producers and users of statistical information regarding the aspects of National Statistical System and its instruments. They cover highly important topics in statistics, such as planning of statistical strategy, baseline indicators, strengthening of administrative records, design, construction and interpretation of indicators, statistical principles and best practices, nomenclature and classification system, among others.

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Baseline Indicators

Set of indicators selected for monitoring, evaluation and accountability of the results of the plans, programs and projects, and overall public policy with respect to a reference year. The objective is to facilitate governance, providing timely and reliable information that would allow policy makers to improve the decision-making process.

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