General Aspects



Technical, dynamic and permanent process agreed upon among various entities that are part of the National Statistical System. The objective is to define, organize and prioritize statistics needed for decision-making in the country.

Statistical planning provides methodologies and instruments for the formulation of statistical plans in the following areas: national, sectoral, territorial and institutional.


  • Enables the entities that are member of the NSS to know, diagnose and organize their statistical activity.
  • Helps to identify and prioritize statistical information required for the formulation and design of policies, plans and projects.
  • Determines the need for statistical information and develops a plan to deal with the limitations in information 
  • Supports efficient use of financial, technological and human resources directed towards statistical activity.
  • Eases decision-making, monitoring, follow-up and assessment of policies, plans and programs for a country’s development.
  • Enhances coordination between public and private institutions.  Statistical planning strengthens their communication and coordination in the production and management of statistical information.


Statistical Planning within the National Statistical System (NSS)

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