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National Survey of  Mechanized Rice Production




Información actualizada: february-08-2019



Sown Area of  Mechanized Rice Production (Zone Llanos)
Period Annexes
I Semestrer 2018 Municipality
I Semestrer 2017 Municipality
I Semestrer 2016 Municipality
I Semestrer 2015 Municipality
I Semestrer 2014 Municipality
I Semestrer 2013 Municipality
I Semestrer 2012 Departamental
I Semestrer 2011 Departamental




Historical  information



Historic Information National Survey of  Mechanized Rice Production
This Survey seeks to estimate the size of planted area, production and yield of mechanized rice farming (irrigated and dryland). There is detailed information available regarding planted area for mechanized rice production. The information is collected monthly from the production systems.








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