Servicios al ciudadano  

The National Administrative Department of Statistics offers various tools and mechanisms that enhance interaction with citizens in order to promote transparency and citizen participation. Through our virtual and face-to-face channels, users can know the procedures undertaken by the entity, the current calls and services regarding the available information, among others

Learn more about the procedures and services that DANE offers to its users through virtual and face-to-face channels. If you are interested in more detailed information on each of the procedures and service, you can find it on the Colombia’s platform Si Virtual , which provides integrated information on procedures and services.

General information regarding the procedures  (requirements, procedures)

 Digital Certificates

Requests and complaints

Suppliers Registration

DANE identification number for education establishments (NID)

Special processing




Through this application you can check and track the status of your procedures and services, regardless of the channel through which it has been submitted (virtual, phone or in person)

Track your procedures:

Application: tracking submitted documents

 Consult information: anonymous or no address




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