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Historical series july 2020

Historical Series of Imports by country 1980 - 2020

Imports according to classification CUODE / 1999 - 2020

 Imports according to the classification ISIC Rev. 3 / 2000 - 2020

Origin of imports / 1995 - 2020

  Monthly imports according to principal countries of origin

Annual import according to country of origin and main items imported

Annual import according to main countries of origin and main items imported

Monthly imports according to the chapters of the harmonized list of tariff codes

Total imports according to groups of WTO products from the CUCI Rev.3 aggregation





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Balance of trade

This research aims to obtain information on purchases made by the country legally abroad. It includes variables such as country of origin, provenance purchase and import department destination in imports, currency trading, transportation mode, flag, tariff subheading, gross kilos, net kilos, FOB and CIF values of imports in  US dollars.



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Imports originating from China, Japan and Korea 2007-2012 (March)

Imports originating from China, Japan and Korea 2007-2012 (May)










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