Consultation System Vital Statistics: Births and deaths
Vital records are continuous statistics that collect information on births, fetal and non-fetal deaths, thus providing the information on changes in the levels and patterns of mortality and fertility. This provides a  dynamic view of the population, in addition to the static focus provided in the censuses.




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Estadísticas Vitales Nacimientos y Defunciones






Updated: December-22-2017



Results - Estimates: Infant Mortality Rate


Estimates: Infant Mortality Rate: National, departmental and municipal. Period 2005 -2015

Viewer consultation: "Estimates: National, departmental and municipal Infant Mortality Rates for the period 2005 - 2015".

Methodological note: Base line changes 2005


Updated July 28-2017



Births and Deaths Certificates
Live birth certificate Certificate of antecedent live birth for the civil registry
Death certificate Previous certificate of death for the civil registry
Instructions to fill out the death certificate
Certificates: Historical Data
Births 1998 - 2007 Deaths 1998 - 2007
Fetal 1992 - 1997 Non-Fetal 1979 - 1997
New certificates of live births and deaths
External Joint Circular 0081
Inhumation License
Inhumation License
Statistical amendment
Amendment of the Death Certificate


Classification of Deaths

 International Statistical Classification of diseases and health Related Problems 10°.Revison OPS/OMS CIE-10
List 667- OPS - CIE-10 Cluster: Cause of Death
List: Colombia 105 for tabulating mortality




Aditional information:



Access to anonymized microdata






Methodological Sheet

Methodology: Vital Statistics

Frequently asked questions


Methodology: Estimates for Municipal Infant Mortality Rates 2005 - 2007

Estimated change in levels of departmental and municipal infant mortality from vital statistics, year 2008-2009




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