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 Producer Price Index (PPI) / 1999 - 2020

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This is a short-term index of prices of goods in the first distribution channel, i.e. producer prices. This index measures the average change in prices of goods produced in the country for internal consumption and exports, including primary and secondary sector. The sector of services is not included. This index was first calculated by the Banco de la República until 2008, when it officially became DANE’s responsibility as part of the PLANIB




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Technical Note: The National Administrative Department of Statistics (DANE) would like to announce that on February 4, 2015 the methodology for calculating Producer Price Index (PPI) was redesigned for the purposes of publishing the results for January 2015.

This redesign was based on the recommendations by the organizations such as the OECD, The National Statistical Agency of Canada (StatCan), the International Monetary Fund (IMF) as well as specialized users such Banco de la República, associations and various public and private entities, reflecting the commitment of the institution to present statistics with greater precision and quality.

This redesign will enhance international comparability; the basket of monitoring will be updated to the economic reality; there will be a new weighting system that reflects the country's manufacturing structure, and we will adopt an internationally accepted imputation system that will address the temporary lack of information from information sources.




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